Sunday Services:

10 a.m. April 19:  "The Blue-Green Hills of Earth: A Multigenerational Earth Day Service" 

The Blue-Green Hills of Earth: A Multigenerational Earth Day Service. This multigenerational service written by Reverend Ericka Hewitt will inspire the part of Unitarian Universalism that is the sense of mystery and wonder. Let's gaze outward together and revel in this fantastic planet while pondering our place within the greater universe. We will also revisit our ongoing plastics reduction project. Please bring a piece of plastic for a recycling offering. Sermon read by religious education students.


Looking Ahead:

10 a.m. April 26: "The Nothern Puppy Within"


Lot 14

UUFP Kansas Ave property update: Architect Search - Finalist Presentations

We are at the next step in moving towards our new spiritual home on Kansas Avenue. Proposals were sent to over 100 firms. Eleven proposals were received, and the Architect Search Committee has selected four finalists for further consideration. 

Everybody is invited to attend open presentations from these four firms. 

Each presentation will be about 20 minutes and will be followed by a Question-and-Answer period. Presentations will cover general information about the firm and what to expect about the process of working with them to create our spiritual home. The presenters may provide initial ideas or preliminary concepts about our project. 

The firms have also been asked to give us their opinion on how we can balance our expectations with our budget. Written comments will be solicited from the members in attendance, and then the search committee will move downstairs with the architects for a closed interview. Members are encouraged to participate in as many presentations as possible. 


On the oak table at Palmer are the four proposals we received. Members and friends are welcome to look them over, [added comma] as long as they are not copied and the proposals do not leave the room. If permission is given from the other two firms, their proposals will be out as well. Blank sheets are inserted within the proposals to write down any questions, comments or suggestions you may have for the committee. If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to discuss the proposals or the process, please contact Ben Wright 

The Kansas Avenue Project can be daunting to conceptualize.  These proposals and presentation from the professional architects clearly lay out the process each step of the way. Furthermore, they demonstrate the excitement and the possibilities of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create something that is bigger than ourselves. 

The more we learn about this, the more exciting it becomes! The architects will help us realize our dreams and they have the knowledge, talent and desire to do so! 



For information on the Kansas Ave (the new Base) property, where we will build our new home go  HERE



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