Sunday Services:

10 a.m. May 31:  "Heaven - Up Close and Personal"

Carol Allen will help us explore what Heaven might be, especially the idea of Heaven on Earth. Convener: Margaret Schwartz.


Looking Ahead:

10 a.m. June 7: The Soul of the Worker Using Songs and Stories

10 a.m. June 14: Flower Communion


SAVE THE DATE:  2015 Annual Meeting

We will hold our Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 14th after the service beginning at 12 noon.  Lunch and child care will be provided.  There will be important conversations taking place about our many projects and plans for the next year (s) to come as well as the votes on an addition to the By-Laws, the slate of officers for the Board and the budget for next year.  Please be a part of the democratic process and engage in the decisions of our beloved community. 

To help you be informed ahead of time the wording of the By-Law addition is posted on the business bulletin board and on the website as is the slate of officers.  The  proposed budget for 2015-2016 will be posted on the bulletin board and website and extra copies will be available below the bulletin board and on the day of the meeting. 

Congregational Survey Results

Read the report from a Council on Shared Ministry brainstorming session on our 2015 Congregational Survey (https://goo.gl/JjWSfO) or view the actual survey results (https://goo.gl/LBdGcl).


Kansas Avenue Project

If you have ideas or comments on what you hear or read about the Kansas Avenue Project, please contact members of the Steering Committee, who are also liaisons for the various aspects of the project: Darlynn Bates (Design), Doug Butdorf (Finance), Ursula Jones (Board), Dorothy Latta (communications) and Ben Wright (Architect Search). For more information, please see our latest newsletter.


See our full  Calendar of Events.