Sunday Services:

10 a.m. March 29:  "Be the Change: Activist Dinner Party"

 Be the Change:  Activist Dinner Party:  This Sunday, via a theatrical experience constructed by and for UU’s, we will address one of the greatest threats to peace and justice; the paralyzing attitude that what we do does not matter. The play, written by a UU minister and brought to life by our own congregants, does this by bringing alive the words and wisdom of famous poets, activists, and sages like Martin Luther King, Jr., Marge Piercy, and Thich Nhat Hanh.


Looking Ahead:

10 a.m. April 5:  "One Among Many: The Radical Call of Easter" 





UUFP Kansas Ave property update:

For information on the Kansas Ave (the new Base) property, where we will build our new home go  HERE


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