Sunday Services:

10 a.m. Feb. 7: "Learning to Trust"

 Nick Boolukos returns to share his Christianity based wisdom and philosophy. Trusting is vital to learning to live in honor of our existence in the interdependent web of life. How can we navigate life's challenges in trust?

Worship leader: Jessamyn Neuhaus


Looking Ahead:

10 a.m. Feb. 14: Love is Our Mission

10 a.m. Feb. 21: Eating From the Tree of Good and Evil

10 a.m. Feb. 28: Interconnected to What?


Annual Super Bowl Pot Luck to Be Held  Feb. 7
The teams are set and now all we need is you. The UUFP will once again host its Annual Super Bowl Potluck. This very family-friendly get-together will begin at 5:30 p.m. with kickoff scheduled for almost an hour later 6:30 p.m.  For years, this has been one of the fellowship's most popular events because of the great food, party atmosphere and our giant high definition system.

The UUFP will supply plates, utensils and cups. If able, bring a dish. If you can't, no worries.

As is our policy, there is no admission but any donations are accepted. Adult alcohol consumption is permitted, but this is a family-friendly event so please drink responsibly. Come on down for what promises to be a great game and if you're not really into football, come down for the commercials.