The Stewardship Campaign: fostering love and justice for today and tomorrow

Donatation ButtonWelcome and thank you for making a pledge to the UUFP.  Financial commitments are what enable us to fulfill the UUFP mission of fostering more love and justice in the world today and for future generations. They give you the opportunity to support the values and vision of our congregation and to make a difference in the world.

Fair-Share Giving

Unitarian Universalists advocate Fair-Share Giving. Fair-Share Giving encourages you to view your financial commitment as an expression and extension of your participation in the church community. Click here to read the Unitarian Universalist Association’s complete Fair Share Giving Guide.

Fair-Share Giving is a guide and suggestion only. It is not a requirement or condition of membership in the UUFP community. You may, however, wish to make Fair-Share giving a personal or family goal.

Four Giving Levels:


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The congregation is a significant part of your life, it promotes your spiritual and intellectual life, and you support its mission. Your fair share financial commitment starts at 2 percent of your adjusted income and rises to 6 percent as income and capacity rise.


The congregation is your central community, and you are committed to sustaining the mission, programs and ministries of the church. Your fair share financial commitment starts at 3 percent of your adjusted income and rises to 7 percent as income and capacity rise.


You are committed to both the present and future growth of the congregation and your commitment is a clear demonstration of the unique importance of the congregation and of your spiritual principles. Your fair share commitment starts at 5 percent of your adjusted income and rises to 9 percent as income and capacity rise.


You are exceptionally committed to the congregation; your contribution provides fuel for transformative change and growth and is an essential part of expressing and living out your UU Principles.  Your fair share commitment represents 10 percent of your adjusted income.

Giving Guide

To calculate your fair share, start by determining your adjusted income.  This calculator can help you determine your adjusted income:  Then, this one can help you consider what amount you would like to pledge:

Pledge Online

Pledge online here, or, if you prefer to make your pledge payments by check, please download a paper copy of a 2015-2016 PledgeForm. Download the 2016-2017 Pledge Packet as a PDF or a Microsoft Word document.

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