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Join Rev. Nicoline as she shares personal reflections about what’s keeping her hopeful about the “emerging future” — both for our fellowship, and for community more generally.

Bring yourself, your family, your friends. Attend in person or on Zoom.

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We are committed to the hard work of dismantling white supremacy and fostering social justice in ourselves, our fellowship, our community and our world. Click here to learn more.


  • UPDATE: Process to Sponsor a Refugee Family
    Exciting progress on the fellowship’s work toward sponsoring a refugee family! As of June 10, our group (Plattsburgh Refugee Organization–PRO) has been certified by Welcome Corps to be matched with refugees. So far, through one grant and private donations, we are about 60% of the way toward meeting the required minimal level of funds to sponsor a family of four. Next steps lead to our being matched with a family–a process that can take from two weeks to several months. On June 18, PRO has its first meeting with our mentor from IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services) to learn more about matching and the first 90 days of sponsorship. Here’s where we all can help! Network. Network. Network. Our PRO team is networking in search for safe and affordable housing (family of four, including two children); employment opportunities; donations to provide an apartment with furniture, kitchen items, linens. Questions? Contact us at love@uuplattsburgh.org
  • Democracy/UU the Vote
    We’ve mailed out postcards for the Georgia and Virginia Primaries. Our past work has increased turnout so much that historic numbers of candidates are now willing to run! We partner with Center for Common Ground and Reclaim Our Vote. Join us in this good work! Next, we’re mailing cards by July 1 for a “pledge to vote and do more” campaign in North Carolina, writing to black voters. The script is short and these cards can be mailed anytime prior to July 1. The printed label on each card includes a link to take the pledge; and to verify registration and get candidate info through the ActiVote link. Let us know if you are interested in taking part in this effort! We’re contacting registered Black NC voters with a “two touches” approach: now, and in the fall. The Pledge To Vote and Do More message helps voters create a voting plan, engage and volunteer with Team ...
  • Congregation Votes to Sponsor a Refugee Family
    On April 14, the congregation voted to sponsor a refugee family through Welcome.Corps. Our plan is to sponsor a family of four, including children. In order to raise sufficient funds to assist a family’s resettlement, we are applying for grant money to cover the cost of sponsorship. We welcome donations from our community. We also will be accepting in-kind donations like furniture, kitchen supplies, car seats, and linens. For more information about making either type of donation or becoming involved in other ways, contact Ursula (ursulajones9@gmail.com) or Connie (shemoconnie@gmail.com). Thank you for your anticipated support!
  • Considering Membership?
    Ready to enter the next stage of your journey with Unitarian Universalism? Wondering what it means to formally join as a member? If so, please come to our membership information session, Sunday, April 7, in person at 4 Palmer St. from 12:15-1:15 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. Considering membership but can’t make the April 7 gathering? Either way, contact Rev. Nicoline by April 5: minister@uuplattsburgh.org or 518-565-6708. We hope you’ll consider joining us this year!  
  • Making Amends in Our Communities …
    March 11 and 25, 7-8:30 p.m. The dynamic conversation we began last fall, spurred by the UU Common Read for 2023-2024, “On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World,” continues in March with Workshop #2. Please join us as we turn our attention to how to initiate repair, when the harm doer is an organization — like our workplace, or our faith community. **Register and find out more** Where? Join the conversation from home, using our online option, or meet in person at 4 Palmer St. Why? Integrity. Living our values. Accountability. Whatever you call it, our communities sometimes fall short. But the good news is, with practice and coaching, we can learn to make amends and do better. Can I just show up? Knowing how many to expect will help us plan better. **Register and find out more ** Facilitators: Rev. Nicoline Guerrier and Nancy Lewin, Commissioned Lay Minister 
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Camp Unirondack

Camp Unirondack

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Learn about the ways that inclusivity and intentional community are more than just buzzwords in our summer. **Learn more here** and at


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