COVID-19 Update: because of our commitment to the safety of all, our buildings are closed to the public and not currently available for rental use.

The primary use for fellowship buildings is to promote the principles and purposes of the Unitarian Universalism by providing space for activities related to them.

However, our buildings may be rented to individuals or groups which charge fees for their services as long as they meet and follow fellowship guidelines.

The buildings will not be available to individuals or groups whose activities are inconsistent with the principles of Unitarian Universalism or the Fellowship. Also, the building will not be available to groups for fundraising activities that compete with the fellowship fundraising activities.

In addition, individuals or groups using the property for activities other than fellowship-sponsored events shall refer to the street address of the building only (4 Palmer St.) and not reference the name of the building (UU Fellowship).

All building uses must also be in compliance with IRS Guidelines on advocacy, lobbying and elections.

To learn more, contact