Activate Your Community: Love Resists

We are very excited to be bringing this weekend collaboration with the UU College of Social Justice to eastern NY this year!

Activate Your Community: Love Resists! will offer youth, youth advisors, and chaperones an opportunity to deepen their understanding of opportunities for youth engagement in social justice activism, guided by UU values and practices. Over the course of a long weekend gathering, participants will build community, explore their identities, and discern how they can show up in the world, beginning in their own communities, as agents of spiritually-grounded social change. The program will center learning, reflection, and action for racial justice and will introduce participants to Love Resists, a joint initiative of UUA and UUSC, which activates congregations and people of faith and conscience to create more just and welcoming communities and to resist the harm inflicted by criminalization, particularly in the Trump era.

Contact Kris Lutters at if you are interested in attending.