Altar’ed Letters: A Creative Arts Workshop Series for You!

Here’s your chance to gather with others and make something!

UU Fellowship Creative Arts Workshop Series

“Altar’ed Letters”
Friday, June 2, 5-8 p.m.
At the UU Fellowship tables in Trinity Park, Plattsburgh

Hosted at the Planned Parenthood’s PRIDE in the Park event!

Drop us a line here so that we have an idea of who’s coming!

Al Lutz, facilitator
For Information:

Participants will write a letter on any theme they choose, with possibilities such as:

  • Their altar-box theme from Workshop 1
  • Release / Letting go
  • Words of encouragement
  • Letter to a loved one
  • Future goals 

Participants can either use the entire letter or select certain words from the letter to incorporate into a collage. At the end of the session, participants may share their work and talk about its importance to them, a show-and-tell style (if they want)!


Many faith traditions incorporate altars as physical objects/spaces for community members to honor that which is sacred to them. An altar can serve as a spiritual anchor point where one can reflect, meditate, pray, give thanks, and/or celebrate ancestors.

Not everybody has the time or space to create a formal altar, however, and that’s okay! 

Altars can be big or small, permanent or temporary, elaborate or simple. Creating a small, portable altar out of reclaimed materials allows participants to create a sacred space for reflection and grounding, no matter where they are – whether it’s a nature hike, a break between classes, or a stressful family get-together.

Repurpose discarded materials and create small, portable altars (and altar-related items) on a theme of your choosing (for example: justice, nature, ancestors, healing, joy, etc.). While learning to use multiple creative modalities, participants will share and connect over their chosen themes.