Author: UUFP Office

Here, Together: December 2020

It’s a favored holiday tradition for Unitarian Universalists. At the end of the annual Christmas Eve service, people stand waiting and expectant, each holding an unlit candle. Just as the first bars of “Silent Night” begin to sound, someone dims the sanctuary lights. And there, … read more.

Here, Together: November 2020

November, 2020. How will this historic moment be remembered 100, 50, or even 10 years from now?


We are all, of course, always seeding the future with our actions (and our omissions, as it has become so painfully clear). But from where I stand at this … read more.

Here, Together: October 2020

It was a moment for remembering how very much has changed.


Our September fellowship retreat had wrapped up in the usual way: departing thoughts, the blowing out of our flame, the refrain from our closing song still lingering in some corner of my memory.


But it was … read more.

Here, Together: September 2020

There’s been no shortage of things to listen to these last challenging months. Podcasts, news pieces and editorials, Facebook posts, radio updates, independent news broadcasts … Ever since mid-March, that moment when everything changed, you could say that news sources have made up a kind … read more.

Here, Together: June 2020

June. Nearly three months, now, since North America’s first widespread encounters with
the virus that’s turned our world upside down and inside out.

I usually anchor these monthly reflections by returning to the diverse ways in which we —
the circle of folks who are connected … read more.

Here, Together: May 2020

We’ve all gotten the question.


“So how are you?”


For me, at least, ever since mid-March that question’s had me stumped. The best I’ve come up with requires air quotes — not easy to do over the phone.


“Ummm, ‘fine’ but …”


Because, of course, nothing is “fine” anymore, … read more.

Here, Together: April 2020

Here, Together.


Not the most expected title for a newsletter column, I know. It’s more common to see, “Musings from the Minister” or “From the Minister’s Study.” But I’d wanted a title that would convey immediacy and excitement.


A while back, as many of you know, we … read more.

Here, Together: March 2020

Ever wondered how we choose our topics for Sunday mornings? Unlike most religious movements, we Unitarian Universalists aren’t restricted to a single source of wisdom, like the Christian Bible, or the Koran. We also don’t follow a lectionary — a prescribed calendar of texts that … read more.

Here, Together 2020

Several of us said yes! to the Young Adult Group’s invitation last month, and met at a local theater to watch the film “Just Mercy.”

“Just Mercy” brings to life the work of acclaimed public interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson. Along with  Equal Justice Initiative, the organization … read more.