Updated Gathering Guidelines!

We gather indoors for worship, Children’s Religious Exploration and small group gatherings! Our worship services are also offered on Zoom, as are some of our meetings and other gatherings.

Sunday Services

We gather in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings to worship together with our Zoom attendees! We look forward to seeing you!
  • UUFP recommends that all eligible age groups stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters, in keeping with current CDC guidelines.
  • Mask wearing is optional. Please note: In the event the CDC determines that the local COVID-19 community level is high, UUFP strongly recommends that attendees and visitors wear high-quality and well-fitting N95/KN95 masks.
    1. Exception to optional mask-wearing: Anyone with recent known exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a high-quality and well-fitting N95/KN95 mask.
    2. At any time and at all community levels of COVID, any individuals who assess that their personal risk status requires higher levels of precaution are encouraged to continue with wearing high-quality and well-fitting N95/KN95 masks and with avoiding higher-risk activities such as eating, drinking, and singing without a mask indoors.
  • The number of attendees for services and meetings will return to pre-pandemic building capacity limits on the main sanctuary floor. Limited seating is permitted in the balcony, and only under special instances and when approved by the tech team.
  • Eating and drinking are allowed in the building.
  • Singing is permitted without masks.
In an effort to be proactive and heed CDC recommendations regarding coronavirus prevention, we are asking everyone to please read and observe the following guidelines: If you or anyone in your household exhibit the following symptoms, please stay home:
  • Fever.
  • Coughing.
  • Sneezing, excessive mucus.

If you have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home.

Other Gatherings

Many of our small groups opt to meet on Zoom. Other gatherings have been meeting in person in the sanctuary, such as:

Find out more about other upcoming events

Practicing Consent and Compassion

Part of being in beloved community is respecting others and showing compassion. When making decisions, always practice covenantal consent–taking time to listen deeply to one another’s concerns and fears before making any decisions that might put other members of the community at risk, either physically or mentally.

We need to acknowledge everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to risk. Please remember:  these are your UU Fellowship companions and we want to respect people’s decisions on how they participate in worship or small group gatherings.

We also want to talk about hugging, handshakes, high fives, etc. As we teach our youngest children in Our Whole Lives (OWL), consent is very important. Even those friends who you may have always shared a hug with before may not feel up to it. Let’s show our children and each other that we understand consent. Before hugging, please ask … and be prepared to hear “no.” This includes members of the staff. We all love you … and we want to stay safe, too.

Event Coordinators

Are you the event coordinator for an indoor small-group gathering? Or would you like to be on one of the teams that makes all these gatherings run smoothly? Contact Jo El Miano, chair of Council on Shared Ministry, and she can connect you with the team that interests you!  joellen.miano@gmail.com or 518-578-5821.

Learn More

Have questions? Want to be on a team that’s making all this happen? Contact Jo El Miano, chair of Council on Shared Ministry, and she can connect you!

We are in community together and we move forward stronger, more courageous, more compassionate!