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Here, Together: April 2021

Warm winds are rolling in early this year, though who knows how long they will stay? If there’s one lesson I’ve learned over this past year, it’s been that expectations, plans, and forecasts simply can’t be counted on in the way they once were.


I am … read more.

Here, Together: March 2021

March, already. A year since the fellowship buildings stopped being the primary setting for “church,” and we cobbled together new ways of being with one another. A year since the world first seemed to shift on its axis and everything we thought we knew had … read more.

Inquirers Conversation Series: Membership 101

Hoping to learn more about the UUFP and Unitarian Universalism? Hoping to meet the minister or build connections with members of this faith community? Consider attending our Inquirers conversation series, held online from 12-1 p.m. on the second Sunday of every month through June. You can join … read more.

Sharing the Plate with the Southern Poverty Law Center

The fellowship shares half of undesignated donations received following our Sunday services with a community organization or charity that does work consistent with our UU values and mission, organizations involved in promoting community services and social justice. In the past, this has always been an … read more.

UUFP Family & Friends Cookbook

“Cooking is love made visible.” ––  Anonymous

If cooking is love made visible, we have an opportunity for you to be “seen” and to share your love through the submission of a favorite recipe to our custom cookbook. This cookbook will be professionally published by Morris … read more.

Here, Together: June 2020

June. Nearly three months, now, since North America’s first widespread encounters with
the virus that’s turned our world upside down and inside out.

I usually anchor these monthly reflections by returning to the diverse ways in which we —
the circle of folks who are connected … read more.

Here, Together: May 2020

We’ve all gotten the question.


“So how are you?”


For me, at least, ever since mid-March that question’s had me stumped. The best I’ve come up with requires air quotes — not easy to do over the phone.


“Ummm, ‘fine’ but …”


Because, of course, nothing is “fine” anymore, … read more.