Coming in 2020: Invitations to Connect

Together, let us bring to life our congregational theme this year: “In a time of brokenness, an invitation to connect.”

Together let us co-create Invitations to Connect: Fellowship events for exploration and fun.

  • Shared responsibility for planning.
  • No onerous burden.
  • Flexible times.
  • No striving for perfectionism or fear of failure.
  • We try something: If it’s a hit, we might try it again! If three people enjoy the activity, nothing is lost!

Early in the new year, we will be inviting you to a gathering where we can share ideas for mini-commitments. Then, in the spirit of sharing our love and passions, we’ll put into action some Invitations to Connect for 2020!
Let us bring together our collective ideas and our zeal to offer a spectrum of opportunities for connection and community-strengthening.

Us means all of us in the UUFP community – those exploring Unitarian Universalism and this fellowship for the first time. Us includes longtime friends of this fellowship and all members, newer and longer term.
We share implacable needs for deep relationships and a sense of connectedness.

Some people find relationships and connectedness through Sunday worship services, or a book study group, or working with children, or participation in recreational activities together. There are so many ways to experience common purpose, meaning and joy.

Think one-time or short-term activities that share your enthusiasms. Do you have a love of fly fishing? Let us find two other people to help you organize a workshop or trip for those interested. Want to organize a service project (that might entail an activity one afternoon) or intellectual discussion? Let’s do it! All we need is three people willing to organize it together.

When ideas and actions arise from a place of joyful intentions, we spread joy. This is the essence of interconnection that we hope to achieve.