Despite much turmoil in the world about us, 2019 has been a transformative year in the life of the fellowship. This past year, our relationship with Rev. Nicoline has deepened, and we’ve chosen to experiment with increasing her hours to 2/3 time from 1/2 time from September through December, 2019. These additional hours are enabling her to participate in more community outreach, investing in new connections at Pride Day, film screenings and workshop presentations in the community and on the SUNY campus. She led a weekend leadership retreat of 18 individuals focused on the notion of congregational “calling.” In addition, she’s offered increased time in the pulpit. While these are the more visible aspects of her role with us, behind the scenes Rev. Nicoline has also been ministering to UUFP leaders, gently inspiring emerging clarity in our identity, purpose, mission, and vision. Read our stewardship letter and discover how we have been working to meet our mission.

While professional ministry plays a key role in our future plans, our vision for the coming year is even bolder than this. We are witness to increasing polarization and a fracturing of the social fabric. Many feel alienated and isolated; and even within families, a 24-hour schedule of technologies and other distractions leave us cut off from one another, and sometimes from our deepest selves. 

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And so, our vision for 2020:

In a time of brokenness … an invitation to connect


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