Fundraising: 4% activities such as rental fees, rummage sales, etc.
Savings: 20% from unencumbered funds in savings account
Rollover Funds 2019: 8% funds that had been set aside to support the 2019 budget
Interest Income: 2% interest earned monthly on our savings account
General Donations: 5% Sunday offerings, legacy gifts
Pledges: 61% Your support! Our goal is $85,400 in pledges (5% higher than 2019)

Caring: 15% How we care for each other and those in our employ (pastoral care, childcare provision)
Communicating: 13% Spreading our UUFP message to the community (print, online, participation in events)
Connecting: 24% Promoting connections in widening circles (food, childcare, speakers/films, UUA fair share)
Family Ministry: 21% Provision of programs and activities for children, youth and families (Coordinator, OWL teachers and materials, background checks, training)
Worship: 27% Providing excellent worship services and in-house training to lay leaders

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