“In a Time of Brokenness … An Invitation to Connect” 

Why Stewardship? 

Unlike some religious organizations, Unitarian Universalist congregations are independently funded. This means that the money which fuels our many programs and services and maintains our building comes directly from donations made by members and friends. The major source of fundraising for the Fellowship is the annual Stewardship Campaign, where members and friends are invited to pledge, or promise, the financial support they will offer for the upcoming year. 

But I already give a lot, through volunteering

The Fellowship is grateful to the tremendous volunteer contributions made by members and friends. There are many ways to be “stewards” of the community, and gifts of time, vision, and caring impact life at the Fellowship distinctly. At the same time, many of the Fellowship’s goals cannot be met by volunteer labor alone. This is why we ask every member and friend who values the UUFP to make an annual pledge. 

What is a pledge? 

A pledge is a promise, a best estimate of the amount you offer to contribute weekly, monthly, or yearly to help sustain the activities of the Fellowship. The total pledge drive amount has traditionally provided the largest share of our income that funds the annual budget. 

What are the projected expenses for 2020? See the enclosed pie chart. 

Why does the 2020 budget look different  than in past years? 

This reflects a “mission-driven” budget that centers our activities around: caring for each other, communicating with the community with invitations to partner together, providing supportive ministry to families, and quality weekly worship services.

How do I figure out how much to give? 

Every household’s situation is different. The UUA’s Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide (enclosed) offers one method for considering your specific situation. If every individual member were to give an average of $1000 ($20 a week) we would meet our budget goal. We know that not every member can pledge at this level…. and some are able to give more. UUFP individual pledges have ranged from $200-$10,000. To fulfill our missional 2020 budget needs, we are seeking to achieve a 10% increase in funds over 2019. 

How do I pledge online?

Click on “Give” in the upper right corner of the UUFP website (uuplattsburgh.org), then click “Pledge Now” further down the page. You can set up automatic payments for your pledge by clicking on the link near the bottom of the Pledge page.

How do I set up automatic giving?

Click on “Give” in the upper right corner of the UUFP website (uuplattsburgh.org), the click “Give Now” further down the page.  You can set up payments toward the 2020 Stewardship drive (or other funds) as one-time, or recurring. Complete the boxes, using dropdown menus as indicated.