Summer Sunday Conversations

Starting July 3, our Summer Sunday conversation-style services return… and we need you to help make them happen!

During July, August, and the first Sunday in September, we’ll return to the abbreviated, conversational format we used for services last summer. You told us you loved these services, so we’ll be using this format again. Each service will be led by a volunteer host from the fellowship, and will include a member of the worship team. This summer’s focus: the many dimensions of our 8th Principle.

We are asking each “host” to choose a singular concept contained within the 8th Principle that speaks to them (such as “accountability,” “spiritual wholeness,” “Beloved Community,” “our actions,” “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” “dismantle racism,” “other oppressions,” “in ourselves” and “in our institutions”).

A member of the worship team will work with the host to develop their brief reflection, or share a reading, or some other means of sparking deeper conversation and reflection in small groups.

Together, we hope to better understand this principle and its implications. How can our spiritual growth lead us to action? How can our actions move us forward as individuals and as a community?

Interested in being a host? Curious, but want to explore this further with a member of the Worship Team?  Please contact Nancy Lewin (, Lindamarie Hill ( or Tana Hanley (