Democracy/UU the Vote

"UU the Vote" in White text on a dark blue circle with UUA logo in lighter blue below.

We’re now pivoting to the Virginia Primary. We will mail VA cards between May 7-21. (Note different dates on the sample below. Our team has our own designated mailing window!)

We’re writing to alert registered BIPOC/community of color voters in Congressional Districts 1, 2, 5, 7 and 10, where there are hotly-contested, open U.S. House seats in this crucial primary. Our past work in these districts has increased turnout so much that historic numbers of candidates are now willing to run!

We partner with Center for Common Ground and Reclaim Our Vote. Join us in this good work! Our team has already written to voters in Georgia for their primary on May 21.

Join us to write to Virginia.

In your packet we provide:

30 ROV postcards.
30 voter names-addresses.
A voter script.
30 pre-printed Avery labels.
30 stamps.
Guidelines for Postcard Writers.
If you’d like to help us defray costs, consider donating the cost of the stamps (now $16 for 30 postcards).

Postcard messages differ, depending on the state and district that we’re reaching. As an example, here’s the sample post card for the Virginia Primary.

You provide:
Colored markers and the spirit to mobilize voters of color!

We send out regular emails to folks who have participated in the past and then folks hop on a postcard campaign when it works with their lives and schedules. We welcome anyone who would like to be added to our postcarder contact list. Invite a friend!

Contact if you’d like to get involved this spring, or over the summer, or in the fall for the general election!

First-time postcarder? No worries . . . we’ll support you all the way! Join us! Contact our Democracy/UU the Vote squad for your packet of 30 postcards and all the info you need for success! And we have text banking and phone banking opportunities, if that’s a better fit for you!