Family Ministry and Children’s Religious Education

Jan. 1: Child Care will be provided but there will not be formal religious education programming.

Jan. 8 – 29: Regular religious education programming for the new year begins on Jan. 8 and will continue each Sunday through the end of the month. Child care will be provided every Sunday for infants and children through age 2. Children aged 3 to 13 will participate in one of two groups for eight weeks. These groups are described below. More information about each of these programs is available on the Unitarian Universalist website (

World of Wonder: ages 3 – 7
Founded on the premise that direct experience in nature is essential to children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development, this program delves deep into our UU 7th principle. It instills respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part, and appreciation of its beauty, excitement, and mystery.

Miracles: ages 7 – 12
This program is designed for a wide age span of children and provides a prolonged encounter with awe and wonder, incorporating frequent opportunities for scientific exploration. Through stories from our Unitarian Universalist sources and hands-on activities, children engage in defining and discerning the miraculous and discover their own agency for miracle-making. Parents will participate in some of these sessions. Details to follow.

Other programming:
Sunday, Jan. 8: 5 p.m. Youth Group planning meeting: All youth grades 6-12 are invited for a planning session.
Sunday, Jan. 15: 5-7 p.m: Our youth group (grades 6-12) will meet with the Temple youth group for dinner. Details to follow.
Friday, Jan. 27: Kids Night Out returns!!! 5-8 p.m. Children may join us at 4 Palmer for a night of fun, games and a short movie.
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