Our Team Is Growing!

Please join us in welcoming the two newest members of our team!
Photo of Lisa smiling into camera with blue background.Lisa Bulriss is the fellowship’s new Office Assistant. She’ll be primarily responsible for bookkeeping, but also cover various office administration and personnel-related tasks.
Lisa shares that she and her husband recently celebrated their 35 year wedding anniversary. They have two children, Tyler and Sara. Lisa loves to run, ran her first marathon at the age of 50 (!), and also loves riding her bike, hiking and playing pickleball. Last year she hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up all in one day!
If you need to reach Lisa, contact her at office@uuplattsburgh.org
Arran Morton joins us as Digital Outreach Coordinator. He’ll manage the fellowship’s website and social media accounts, helping us to improve our ability to do outreach in online spaces. In addition, he’ll be producing and sending out the weekly E-news. Arran will be working as an independent contractor rather than a member of the staff team. He is a resident of Canada – and will be working from the Pacific Time Zone!
Arran shares that though he has not yet been to Plattsburgh he is originally Scottish, then spent a decade in Ireland before moving to Canada in 2003. He currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia, which he loves for all the ocean and forest around him. He has flown in a helicopter, floatplane, and hot air balloon, but has not yet been hang-gliding (though it is totally on his to-do list). Arran is a candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry and served as a Director of Religious Education for the last four years.
Arran can be reached at digitaloutreach@uuplattsburgh.org