Here, Together: A Message from Our Minister

A photo of Rev. Nicoline Guerier
Rev. Nicoline Guerier

Growing up, my story about summer was that it was a time for slowing down. Summer meant leaving our fifth-floor apartment and walking the half block to where our street ended and a field, bordering on a deep ravine, began.

The way I remember it, summer was a time for sitting beneath a tree with a half-read book or with daydreams for company, the persistent buzz of cicadas filling the air while a breezeless, city heat shimmered all around me.

It felt safe, still, and unhurried. It nourished the illusion that being human meant having the freedom to choose what world to live in. So far, this summer hasn’t been at all like that.

In part, it’s been full with the call to hear, to digest, and to respond: locally and across borders, nationally, globally. Mainly, for me, it’s been a time for beginning to get to know you, the community at the UU Fellowship of Plattsburgh.

You’ve been experimenting with using monthly themes to focus and hone your collective attention and commitment. July’s theme is Story, and for me, it’s a poignant reminder that one of the ways in which people have always practiced resistance and resilience is by insisting on the right to name their own story.

The theme of Story is also a great banner for our first, important months together.

As we begin to build relationship, I’ll be hoping to spend time with as many of you as possible and learn your stories. To this end, please feel welcome to drop in during my regular office hours, or let me know if you’d like to meet at some other time, by appointment. Here’s how to reach me:

4 Palmer St.:  Thursdays (as of July 5), 1-3 p.m.
Or by appointment Wednesdays and Thursdays and two Sundays per month

Also, being new to this community, I am keen to learn as much as I can of the histories and stories of Plattsburgh and surroundings. Any suggestions you have of resources, community events, people to meet, and “must see” places will be more than welcome. It is so good to be here, together. In love and service,

Rev. Nicoline