Here, Together: January 2020

Fellowship? Church? Congregation? “The UU”? What’s your word for Plattsburgh’s Unitarian Universalist community?

Part of what distinguishes our worldwide movement of over 1,000 congregations, is the wide variety of names we choose for expressing our particular, local identities. Ever heard of the Church of the Divine Unity? That’s what New York City’s historic Unitarian Church of All Souls was called in the mid-19th century, and the earlier name opens a window of insight into the theology its members must have been exploring in those days. From the United States, to Canada, to the Philippines, to Romania and Kenya, our communities are known by many names. At the same time, despite all differences, some thread connects us all and makes us each, authentically, Unitarian Universalist.

As a way to explore this month’s theme, Authenticity, we’ll be launching a three-part sermon series on Unitarian Universalism in January. We’ll begin with a look at Theodore Parker, one of the theologians who shaped our present-day understanding of what it means to be UU. We’ll follow up with reflection on what it is to be human … as viewed through a UU lens. Finally, in February, we’ll conclude our series with a look at how UUs are partnering with others to invest in community resilience.

And for those of you are newer to our community (as well as those who’d like to revisit how Unitarian Universalism has shaped your life journey), please consider joining us for Starting Point, a three-session small group experience beginning in February. Information and registration instructions can be found in this month’s Chalice. Starting Point is only one of the new initiatives we’ll be starting in early 2020 — check out the rest of the newsletter to learn more.

It’s a new decade, and I am so grateful to be here, together, with you.
In love and service,
Rev. Nicoline
Rev. Nicoline looks forward to meeting you by appointment. To reach the minister: Cellphone, 518-565-6708, any day of the week. Email: