Here, Together: July/August 2021

So much has been different this past year. I’m heading into summer trying to keep in mind that now and again, “different” opens the doors to unexpected blessings.

Those of you who were at our annual flower ceremony this past June will remember how we changed things up this year. Instead of exchanging flowers with each other, three of you offered up elegant blessings on behalf of the earth, each connected to a virtual flower: iris, rose, and gladiola. You gave us wise reminders about how much we need to be good stewards of this planet, helping to encourage — and not thwart — earth’s native resilience.

And then, we invited others to add their own wishes, until a cascade of “flower” blessings filled the online chat. What a virtual bouquet! I’m sharing your offerings again here, so that their gifts might linger just a little while longer:

I offer up milkweed, so long considered a weed but so important to the butterflies. 

I’d like to offer a blessing of dandelion.  Resilient and very useful. 

I offer the tiny Johnny-Jump-Up as a symbol of appreciation for even the smallest things that bring us joy and beauty on the earth. 

I offer up the rose. If you want the joy of the rose, you must risk the thorns.

I offer up all our peonies, bringing fragrance and freshness . . . such long-lasting blossoms in our vases in the house right now. Symbol of long-lasting love toward each other. 

I also offer up the Johnny-Jump-Up for its resilience and coming back in surprising places. 

I’d offer a blessing of lilacs that, though short lived, provide a beautiful aroma. 

I feel as if I’ve been blessed with our community, each and everyone a beautiful flower/blessing.

Well, I have to say that I, too, am heading into my time away feeling blessed by the gifts of each and every one of you. Still, I’m hoping the rumours are true, and that by summer’s end I’ll be able to return in person to Plattsburgh. In the meantime, here’s my schedule over the summer, so you’ll know when next we’ll find ourselves here, together, again.


June 21-27:                  Attending (virtually) Ministry Days and the UUA’s General Assembly

June 28-July 25:           Vacation

July 26-August 15:        Back at the fellowship

August 16-29:               Study leave


For any pastoral emergencies, please contact one of the Commissioned Lay Ministers: Dorothy Latta (518) 572-7879 or Nancy Lewin (518) 645-1918. For all other urgent fellowship matters, please contact one of the board co-chairs: Connie Shemo (518) 578-9765 or Danielle Seem (518) 420-4053.

In love and service,

Rev. Nicoline