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We are energized! The BLM Committee and UU the Vote/Democracy squads continue to partner with Reclaim Our Vote and Center for Common Ground.

Throughout the summer we will be part of the Florida push for their August primary. With Reclaim Our Vote, our partner, we will be focusing on the 1.2 million Black voters who have not voted in the last three primary elections.

The more of these voters we can get out in the FL primary in August, the better chance they will vote in the general. Data shows the voter response is higher when people are contacted and Reclaim Our Vote hope to cover all the small counties. We expect to have a number of rounds of mailouts throughout the summer.

The Florida primary is in August. The actual “mail date” on all the postcard rounds will be between Aug 1-8; so folks participating in our postcarding work will have a couple of months to work on their packets.  We need to hold our cards until Aug. 1 for the actual mailing. This means you can accumulate a number of packets and mail them all together between Aug. 1-8.

So, the plan of action is this:

  1. Sign up with this form all summer long!
  2. Complete your packets one at a time (the assigned county may change from packet to packet).
  3. Save all your postcards–and mail no earlier than August 1.

Or contact Ursula (518-561-7647 or or Jo El (518-578-5821 or if you’ve got questions or to let us know of your interest! ! We will be in touch with you quickly!