Kansas Avenue Project Update

At the annual meeting on June 17, Jerry Bates updated the plan to develop the property at Kansas Avenue.  He asked that those who had questions about the current proposal speak to him following the meeting.  A summation of his presentation follows:

In our quest for a new building, our congregation has focused on 4 objectives:

1. Provide handicap access to all facilities, especially restrooms.
2. Accommodate both adult and children’s programs in one building.
3. Provide ample off-street parking for our members and visitors.
4. Provide a larger sanctuary and other space that is more welcoming to newcomers.

We followed up on Shaun O’Connell’s suggestion to see whether a modular structure might provide a more suitable cost solution. With the help of Andy Sajor and Darlynn Bates, we consulted with Plattsburgh Wholesale Homes and James Moser Engineering to come up with a proposal that would accomplish the 4 objectives at a lower cost.
The proposed 3,938 square foot building features 2 sections.  The front entrance opens into a welcoming foyer with 2 unisex handicap accessible restrooms, a minister’s office, administrative office/meeting room, a larger kitchen with dishwasher and 3 RE classrooms. The sanctuary has a maximum capacity for 150 seats. The 9 foot high walls will support a vaulted ceiling. A door at the back of the sanctuary leads to an outdoor patio for after-service conversations.  Both building sections would be air-conditioned. They are expandable should that become necessary.
The front entrance includes a driveway drop-off with a covered portico and two adjacent handicapped parking places. The off street parking lot has room for 42 vehicles. The building is oriented to effectively use solar panels on the roof.
With some rigorous adherence to basic needs, our consultants think this is a viable plan with a possible cost ranging between $390,000 to $453,000.  Though many of us had dreams of coming to a majestically inspiring building, we recognize the reality of what limited funding can produce. However, we can opt to select different doors and windows and select lighting fixtures from that illustrated to provide character for a modestly extra cost.
Finally, we may be able to finance construction through the sale of the Palmer and Elm Str. buildings for about $200,000, and take up to $100,000 from our cash reserves with congregational approval. This would leave approximately $90-$150,000 to raise through pledge commitments, loans and/or other fundraising efforts.
We will continue to refine our plans and report our progress to you.  Contact Jerry if you have any questions.
Editor’s note:  there are site plans available for viewing, they will be posted on the bulletin board by the kitchen.