Connect. Engage. Build a Better World. And Do It Together Through Family Ministry. 

Our fellowship offers childcare programming for children from infants to fifth grade during our Sunday morning services​ from the 2nd Sunday in September to the 3rd Sunday in June. Please arrive by 10:15 a.m. and bring your child directly to the basement children’s space. (The service begins at 10:30 a.m. and ends at 11:30 a.m.)  Please note that while we strive to keep our space as accessible to everyone as possible, our basement is currently only reachable via stairs. We are actively exploring solutions to this problem.

​We are fortunate to have an experienced team of childcare educators to run this program. All of our team either worked professionally with children or had careers in healthcare. In accordance with UU safe church practices, we will always have at least two caregivers in attendance. In addition, we will be bringing in other caregivers to join our core team. Everyone who works with children in any capacity in our congregation will have successfully undergone a background check.

Faith is a journey best taken together. In this complex, chaotic world, we long for connection. Those connections — relationships between family and community —  are at the heart of our religious exploration offerings. After all, for most, families are the ultimate builders of values.

We assist families, enhancing their efforts as primary teachers to our youth.

Camp Unirondack
Young People Registration & Staff Openings

Unirondack is filling up!

If you’re looking for a place for the values we talk about each week to come to life in a real-life community that is centered around a youth experience, check out Camp Unirondack!

Unirondack is a radically-inclusive, UU-founded summer camp located in the beautiful lake-filled Adirondacks on the ancestral lands of the Haudenosaunee. We’re currently enrolling for spring and summer programs, and spots are filling up!

At Unirondack we provide a space that holds progressive values, but focuses on providing a space for campers to play, scream, shout, be themselves, and learn about others. Our values create norms, but it’s our campers and staff arriving with a focus on creating community who provide an environment of learning and exploration that makes Unirondack special. Whether it’s a camper’s first time in the outdoors, diving into the fantasy world of a DnD campaign, playing music in front of an audience, or showing off their art, we aim to help youth discover new passions and parts of themselves to love.  

Camp Unirondack is hiring!

Are you interested in working at a youth-centered space, surrounded by peers who share a passion for intentional community engagement and social justice work? Have you ever considered working at a summer camp? You should check out Unirondack! Unirondack is a radically-inclusive, UU-founded summer camp located in the beautiful lake-filled Adirondacks on the ancestral lands of the Haudenosaunee. We have been helping create smiles and chaotic fun for decades since 1951!

This summer we are looking for prep cooks, maintenance staff, counselors, and several leadership positions. If interested, check out or email for more info. (Unirondack is also a women and trans-led summer camp that leads the summer camp world in gender-inclusivity for youth.)

Upcoming Kids Events

We are a welcoming and inclusive congregation, where children and youth of all ages and dispositions are encouraged to grow together.

Wintry Mix of Music and Story
Only a few more this season before the weather turns nice!
One Saturday afternoon per month, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

We now have *two cohorts* for the children: one for toddlers (approximately ages 2-3) and one for preschoolers (approximately ages 3-5). Activities are especially designed for the children and their siblings, parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts/uncles, adult friends.

All ages come together for active circle singing and a family pizza supper to follow at about 4:15.
4 Palmer St.

Check out more upcoming kids’ events here.

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Meet Our Core Team

Staff member and Religious Educator, Kris Lutters, has been a member of the fellowship for 40+ years. For most of that time she has been involved with the religious exploration program. She is a retired elementary school counselor and throughout her life has enjoyed interacting with children of all ages.

Ursula Jones has also been a member of the fellowship for 40+ years, with a long history of volunteering in our children’s programs. She graduated with a BS in elementary education and holds a master’s degree in social work. Prior to retirement, she provided psychotherapy in private practice and in the public sector. She enjoys spending time with children, observing their unique qualities and having meaningful interactions with them.

Kelly Predojevic, a newer member of the congregation, is a retired RN with a long history of caregiving. Kelly has two dogs, two grown children and three grandcats. She looks forward to playing and connecting with young people in preparation for grandkids.

Contact religious exploration volunteers for more information at

Our Foundations

The fellowship’s religious exploration program, now accepting registration, affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all. It teaches that we are capable of changing the world for the better and draws from many resources, exploring and acting upon a variety of themes including anti-racism, environmental justice and spiritual growth.

Our seven principles form the basis for all we do. Here they are, written in an easy-to-read, kid-friendly format. ​