Notes from the Annual Meeting

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Plattsburgh: “Fosters open minds, Inspires spiritual growth, Engages in loving community, and Ignites passion for social justice”

This is our mission statement.  At the Annual Meeting on June 17, JoEl Miano led attendees through an exercise to explore what works and what needs work in relation to the mission statement for UUFP.  We broke into small groups of 4 or 5 people and then came back together share what the small groups discussed.  Below is a synopsis of that discussion.

Fosters open minds
Many different perspectives, people & subjects in service
Congregational Reflections
Social Justice (Faith in Action committee)
Black Lives Matter potluck
Book group
Fosters open minds
Need richer, deeper conversation; Need more perspectives; Need to address younger members’ needs
More challenging of ideas – bringing in the other (socioeconomic, etc.)
More meetings during day or early evening for elderly or retired
Speakers must enunciate and speak slowly
Inspires spiritual growth
Sunday services
Search for Meaning, Faith Examined (adult reading & study groups)
Hearing different viewpoints, people sharing their experiences
Meditations, singing, music
Specific services (about God, being in The Now, Luis Sierra)
Inspires spiritual growth
More opportunities for smaller group activities(Small group dinners, reading group)
Adult RE, Workshops, not just services – make sure times work for family
Fellowship has always struggled with this; we tend to shy away from spirituality; need to explain “What is spiritual growth.”
Engages in loving community
Community Meal, Joys and Sorrows, Compassionate Cooks, Care Team, Palmer St. Coffeehouse, Black Lives Matter, Forget Me Nots, Christmas Day Dinner, Plattsburgh Cares, our plays!
Engages in loving community
Less cliquishness, more invitations to engage others, get word out.
More potlucks, lunches – opportunities to get together (Time to sit down and get to know each other)
Consider different time for Greet Your Neighbor during Sunday service
Ignites passion for social justice
Strong functioning of organizations and committees, connecting to community, Side with Love, Black Lives Matter, Plattsburgh Cares, Community Meal, Food Shelf, Potluck suppers, monthly offering to local charity
Ignites passion for social justice
Balance; we can get overwhelmed; be focused – can’t do everything but UU is an activist faith!
Sometimes we avoid talking about social issues for fear of being “political.” Do more to show we are a congregation that welcomes LGBTQ.