Planning for Our New Home

The Kansas Avenue Project Working Group met with GBA (our architect firm) to review the design plan for our new building.

In our very productive meeting, we discussed not only the design from an aesthetic viewpoint, but also how the building would be used in our congregational life — children’s access to bathrooms during worship service, use of kitchen and flow of traffic for potluck dinners, ability to darken the room for showing movies, accessibility, parking, etc. We are very pleased that GBA used the feedback provided by our congregation to develop a design that is visually appealing and meets our functional needs.

A few minor modifications are being made, and the plans for the building will be presented to the congregation at 11:30 a.m. (following the worship service) on both Aug. 7 and 14.

By no means is this a final design that cannot be changed — there are details to be worked out and there can certainly be modifications to the design once we move to the next stage of design development.

What these plans represent is the basic concept for the new building and the foundation that will be used for fundraising. More details on the timing of the project will be presented shortly.

If you have ideas or comments on what you hear or read about the Kansas Avenue Project, please contact a member of the Steering Committee. These members are also liaisons for the various aspects of the project: Darlynn Bates (Design), Jerry Bates (Finance), Ursula Jones (Board), Dorothy Latta (Communications) and Ben Wright (GBA liaison).