Should we meet in person? We need your input!

We are grateful for our fellowship’s patience and generosity of spirit as we continue to navigate through this pandemic together, giving up cherished in-person time, to help keep each other safe.

We are in a liminal space – a transition time – where we must:

  • Continue to balance our priorities, supporting those most at risk.
  • Meet the needs of the fellowship community for connection, engagement, and spiritual deepening.

As we continue to learn and plan for our next steps, we ask you to help us by filling out this survey and letting us know what is important to you. Please encourage every interested member of your family to respond individually or, as appropriate, answer on behalf of your household.

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Board of Trustees
Connie Shemo, Danielle Seem, Ursula Jones, Shelley Odell, Arlene Morrissey, Megan Morrissey, Mark Preston

Safety Committee Members
Connie Shemo, Hap Wheeler, Arlene Morrissey, Mark Preston, Jo El Miano