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A religious/spiritual home. A place where one can explore and be comfortable with others who are seeking their path.

My kids get religious education, and we hear good speakers and talk with others afterwards.

It is my spiritual home ,extended family, and the place for weekly “centering.”

Stimulating conversation.

People who are supportive, empathetic at all times, and yet a place I can express how i feel spiritually safely without fear of reprisals.

A diverse caring group of people; great Sunday services, which are fun and bring warmth to our hearts and minds. Plenty of additional programs of all kinds of various interests. The Coffeehouse music is superb!!!

It is “enlarging” for me to hear a diversity of thoughts away from the traditional “Christian” line of thought. Your understanding of community allows you to step up to offer hospitality to another church in a time of need.

Extended family.

It is my spiritual home and more!

A spiritual home, a sense of community, a place of involvement and action.