Democracy/UU the Vote Squad: Our Work Continues!

"UU the Vote" in White text on a dark blue circle with UUA logo in lighter blue below.
Update: Democracy/UU the VOTE (Jan. 2, 2023)
We partner with Center for Common Ground and its Reclaim Our Vote (ROV) postcarding campaign. For the Georgia runoff we also partnered with Georgia NAACP.
Our Democracy/UU the Vote squad leader, Ursula Jones, crunched the numbers and we see that we sent a total of 6,550 postcards during spring-summer-fall, 2022, to FL, AL, VA, NC and GA, including for its December Runoff. Really impressive!

Our next wave of good work will gear up for 2024. If you’ve never postcarded with us, fear not! We will support you all the way! Contact Jo El Miano ( or Ursula Jones ( if you’d like to be on our postcarder contact list.