UUFP Joins the Battle of Plattsburgh Parade

Mark your calendars! Our congregation will be participating yet again in the Battle of Plattsburgh Parade.  We are officially registered and will be meeting at the Wilcox Dock to line up prior to 1 p.m. on Sept. 10, when the parade begins.

We will be decorating an RV as our vehicle and hope to have a good number of marchers participating and helping to draw attention to UUFP and our loving, accepting, and peaceful values.

The theme of our RV/float will be The Garden of Love and Diversity. We will focus on expressing our principles in an artistic and creative manner to make this float as original and unique as possible.

Further details regarding float creation dates and times will be communicated to you through e-mail and announcement.

If anyone is interested in volunteering a vehicle or float to add to our group, please contact Sophie Ward, the director of religious education, at sophiward0@gmail.com.  Any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the parade can also be directed to her.