UUFP Social Action:  Focus on Climate Change

The Social Action Committee has focused on Climate Change and its damaging effects on people — especially the poorest of us.

This summer — every Tuesday from July 5 to Aug. 23 — we invite you to join us for a “walking conversation” on the issues that are affecting peoples of the world and, more importantly, on how we can more effectively address those issues, as individuals and through the UU Fellowship. We plan to start the walks at 7 a.m. — near areas of water — the Plattsburgh City Beach, Saranac River Walk, Point au Roche State Park, Wilcox Dock area, etc. Your suggestions are wanted! Contact Mary Dufort at mmd.slp@charter.net.

Our first walk will be July 5. We will meet at 7 a.m. at the start of the Saranac River Trail, Plattsburgh, off George Angell Drive (the road between SUNY-Plattsburgh and Plattsburgh High School).  Google “Saranac River Trail Plattsburgh” and you will get a map.  The group will determine where we go next.  If you are interested, please e-mail Mary Dufort  (mmd.slp@charter.net)  I’ll add you to the list so you’ll know where to meet us.

The group will determine where we go next. If you are interested, email Mary Dufort  at mmd.slp@charter.net, and she’ll add you to the list so you’ll know where to meet.